Few Words On Digital Marketing and Social Media

Do you ever feel like there is just way too much of all those new social media accounts, new gimmicks, just too much useless online stuff? I definitely do. It feels like everyone is eager to create content. I mean….yeah, everyone. Like me for example, right now. But I just feel the need to express my frustration. Huw much can we actually stand and how much do we actually really need?

There used to be one Facebook or even Friendster… Really, why do we need like million new social media┬áchannels? Who’s gonna create all that content? Who are or who will be the consumers? isn’t it just too much? What is the point?

I just feel… I’ve read about a certain┬átrend to disconnect from all this stuff. People, who actually delete their Twitter and Facebook accounts. But – interestingly enough, I’ve never met anyone like that. I mean we all know people who actually never even opened their account, but those are usually… at least those I know are all kinda weirdos. I just can’t help myself. What do you think? How many accounts do you have and what do you really use? Do you use those not-so-popular services like ReverbNation? Some of those seem just a little obscure to me. Like Gravatar. Have you actually ever heard of anyone using a Gravatar account?