Sam Ovens Accelerator

Since we are consultants and there were times in our lives when we were just about to start our careers, I want to write a couple of words about a man, who has helped us tremendously.

His name is Sam Ovens and this is my shout out to him.

Sam has helpedĀ me personally A LOT. We never met though. I just bought his online course, the Accelerator. It was back at a time when I was just about to begin and I was full of optimism. Which lasted for about three months. Then the reality hit me. I was struggling. I thought I had a great product. The problem was, no-one wanted to buy. I tried various tactics, I gave it all, but weeks passed, months passed… And I still had zero customers. And I started to doubt. Doubt everything, my skills above all. I was confident, or better say I knew my product was very good. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact, that nobody wanted it. Why? I improved my sales skills, I was explaining ROI, I was ready for any question that a potential buyer could come up with…. But still nothing. It felt as if I was in some kind of online show and someone was throwing hurdles in front of me. And quite frankly, I started to be desperate. I was reading FB comments from people who were getting clients, posting earning reports…. While I had to sell my watches, a camera and I was just mentally getting ready to sell my car. Old Accord, but still a very good, reliable car. I was not sentimental about it, after all, it was still just a thing. But it was not a good signal. I started to run a business and instead of earning money, I was in the worst financial situation of my life. My former colleagues, who knew nothing about my situation or about how to run a business, called me “hey, how is it going, already have a porsche? Come have some beers with us…”. You can imagine my state. And at that time, I went through Sam Ovens’ course. And it probably saved me, because I learned a couple of new techniques (how to get a client) and finally got a client. So, big thank you Sam Ovens, maybe we will meet some day and I will shake your hand. For those of you who don’t know Sam or his program, here is a couple of words about the course.