How To Deserve a Girlfriend

Breaking the code – how to deserve a girlfriend

Since our mission here is to bring you the best advice both business-wise and relationship-wise, let’s dive into this. Many of us, myself included, have the experience. We work super-hard, we immerse, we love the grind, we live our entrepreneurial dreams. And meanwhile, we somehow neglect our intimate relationships and all of a sudden we find ourselves alone. Not cool, definitely not cool.

neglecting your love life

We might even feel sorry for ourselves. It seems not fair. We did our best to secure a living for “both of us”. “I did it for us….” But let’s be honest here – did you, really? Usually, or at least in my experience, we focus way too much. I know, I know… we hear it from all sides – you need to totally immerse. But then again – how do you want to keep a significant one when the only thing you think and care about is your business?

You Are So Selfish

That’s what we hear so often – you are so selfish. And we might think it is not fair. But the truth is that building a business is very selfish. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t make it. You love it, you breathe for the process. And so she leaves. Rightfully so, who can blame her, right? I mean would you stay in a relationship where your partner seems to never really pay attention to you? I don’t know about you but I probably would not.

girlfriend or work

The Obvious – We Need Both

Yes, we need both – we need to feel successful, we need to build, to conquer. And we also need love, we need someone to talk to, someone who really cares about us. And someone we deeply care about. In my experience, this kind of balance is non-negotiable. We all know people who are very successful in their careers, in their businesses, but they are actually very deeply unhappy. The love is somehow missing and without love, what’s the purpose really? What could be your why when you have no love in your life?

Successful but unhappy:

So how do you deserve her?

Stop being so selfish. Yes, building a business is selfish and it is good to be selfish in the field. But being selfish in your love life, in relationships, that is definitely not a way to go. Do you want a quality woman in your life? Be a man of certain qualities yourself first. Like attracts like. You don’t know how to do it? Well, you are on the internet, all the knowledge is somewhere around here. Do you need dating advice? Be sure to check Do you need to improve your attitude? Give a chance to coach Corey Wayne, one of the best relationships gurus out there.  Just don’t give up – you will get there.